I Believe   that people need and want to be heard.

Heather’s Personal Journey

Heather Coros Choye is a certified transformational life coach, speaker, writer, and mentor. Through inner struggle and adventure, Heather learned first hand that to live freely, one must make peace with themselves and their past. Only then does  it become possible to build a life out of the magnificence which is eagerly awaiting each one of us.

In Heather’s late 20’s she reflected on her life and confronted all the stories placed on her by others. She saw projections that had been swallowed whole and were slowly corroding her happiness from the inside out. She found ideas which had been transformed into insecurities such as fears of being unlovable, not good enough and inferior.

Heather gained a deep respect for the suffering caused by super-critical inner dialogue, shame, and fear. Heather’s personal journey created a profound commitment to assist others to break out of their self-constructed misery. This misery which is oftentimes learned through poor childhood role modeling and disabling social pressures. Heather’s dedication to help others deconstruct their own limiting beliefs shines brightly in her work with individuals, as well as groups.

I am insatiably curious, a knowledge junky and psych geek, Siberian Husky lover, nature is my lifeline, relating from the heart is fundamental to me, peace sustains me, connection is key for my happiness, beauty in all its many forms is lovely, playing with friends and family is one of my favorite pastimes. Life is fascinating to me and I love learning about it. I’m one of those people that feels most at peace with a good book in my hand. Learning fulfills my curiosity, which is insatiable. I have spent the last 15+ years of my life studying psychology and learning from personal experience and research so I can better understand what creates true happiness.

Part of my education has been learning about myself. I never anticipated what I would find, from trips to Bali to sitting and crying my eyes out from both joy and pain. I have learned how to love life. How to love my life. How to have compassion and patience for myself and others. Life is messy! I want to support you in exploring, accepting, and loving your life, in all of its messy, lovely reality.-H

Heather’s Training and Experience

During Heather’s graduate program in Transpersonal Psychology she gained knowledge and experience in compassion cultivation training, Cognitive Emotive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness training, creative expression, reflective somatic sensation practices, visualization exercises and non-denominational meditation. Her thesis explored increasing well-being through internal (as opposed to external) goals, which translates to knowing a lot about what actually creates true happiness, which she pulls on in her practice as a transformative life coach.

Nothing lights me up like helping people identify what’s holding them back and developing a plan to break through those restrictions so they can accomplish their desires and flourish! I have spent 15 years developing and fine-tuning my intuitive listening skills so I can clearly and accurately reflect your needs so you can receive the attention and support that you crave. In order to support you in reaching your deepest needs, I actively focus on creating a safe and mutually trusting environment so you can easily share what comes up for you.


During your time with Heather, you will create a life frequently filled with love and laughter. You will develop skills to use when challenges arise so you can spend more time living and less time dreading.  


USF Law School Guest Lecturer

CIIS Guest Presenter

Action Coach Keynote Speaker

Healthcare Executive Webinar Co-Presenter


Heather Coros Choye

(650) 270-3911 heather@livelaughlovelifecoaching.com

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