Desire is Not a Dirty Word

I often hesitate to share certain material because what I’m suggesting is the emotional equivalent of free falling off of a bridge. It’s like I’m asking you to close your eyes and jump and simply trust that the bungee cord will hold. But here’s the thing: all of the...

Saying No and Setting Boundaries

Have you ever had the thought "I'm always so busy but there's always more to do!" You're soooo not alone. Achieving balance is one of the most common aspirations I hear clients express. Of course, a big part of achieving balance is learning how much we can manage and...

Why Marriages Fail

This summer will mark the 12th year that my partner and I have been together. I started using the term partner, rather than husband, about two years ago when my disdain for the heteronormative construct of marriage began. I've learned a few things over the years, one...

The Perfect Traveling Partner

I have the good fortune of a few great travel buddies. Here are the 3 essentials I’ve learned about the perfect traveling partner: 1. Flexibility: A mutually easygoing attitude creates room for spontaneity and exploration, two essential components of great travel. For...

The Passport: A Harrowing Start to Summer Vacation

His alarmed face made my blood pool in my feet before he finished the sentence, “Your Passport is expired!” “What!” I half screamed, grabbing the passport, “what does that mean!?” He frantically said, “I don’t know, I don’t know!” Our bags had been packed for 1.7 days...

Results-Based Leadership: Harnessing Failure to Unleash Growth

How to Influence Your Colleagues to Achieve Shared Goals Leadership and failure are not often thought to go hand in hand but I think they are a match made in heaven. Together they remove a debilitating hierarchical structure, creating room for transparency, curiosity,...


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