I Believe   that life is meant to be fun and if you’re not enjoying your life, then it’s time to change it up.

Our Unique Membership Model

How are you effectively creating action-oriented change?  Heather uses a unique method she developed during her research in her Master’s program and certified life coaching specialization to help each client achieve their specific goals.

As a LLLLCoachng member, you are guided through practical exercises in defining values and goal setting. Clients receive a customized plan, supported by a network of experts. Members quickly start feeling less stressed and truly start enjoying day-to-day life; many clients even sleep better and have their first peaceful nights rest, in years! LLLLCoaching using a tested process, based on real data, to optimize client’s happiness, enhance work life balance and learn stress management techniques.

Many clients choose to work with me because the practical, data-rich approach I use, to creates positive change, while having fun throughout our time together! ~Heather

What LLLL Coaching’s all about Because I’m into helping others and myself become happier, I spent my time in grad school researching how to effectively increase and sustain well-being through personal growth. Then I took what I learned from the transpersonal psychology data to create the LLLLCoaching model and threw in a bit of Heather love.

How it work? We do it a bit differently here… It’s not about fixing what’s broken but about creating anew, from the inside out. Each piece of the model has been strategically designed to give you what you want: a happy and healthy life. We combine the pillars of well-being, balance, motivation, connection, and stress management, put them in an easy to use structure, and walk with you each step of the way. Sounds easy, so why isn’t everyone walking on cloud 9? Simple, it’s A LOT of work.

Why LLLL Coaching? Because you’re ready to take your health and happiness seriously.

The Basics LLLLCoaching uses a unique process to transform clients into experts of their own lives. I help you define values, set goals, and teach tested practices to set clients up for lasting success. By working with LLLLCoaching on your customized plan, you will have a network of experts working to support you in creating your ideal life. We use aspects of personal development and personal growth to naturally increase motivation and reach success. You will be coached using a tested process, based on researched data, to optimize happiness. We are dedicated to your journey.

What you can expect to change throughout your transformation:

  • Learn how to start doing and saying what feels good.
  • Start spending your time wisely by seeing that happiness actually increases productivity by over 30% where stress will diminish results.
  • See how self-love is way more than getting a massage when you’re stressed.
  • Experience how comfort feels better than false confidence.
  • Realize stress does not = productivity; you’ll learn how to actually manage your stress.

See that goal setting can change your life in an hour.

We are dedicated to your journey. We commit to:

  • Respond within 24hrs.
  • Continually have your best interests as our top priority.
  • Be with you every step of the way.

So you can:

  • Learn positive coping mechanisms for stress management
  • Feel confident making big and small decisions
  • Create more deep and meaningful relationships for a balanced life.
  • See how self-love is way more than self-care
  • Feel expressed, authentic, and comfortable in your daily life.

We create lifetime relationships with our clients; we maintain connection and offer support throughout each stage of life.


Heather Coros Choye

(650) 270-3911 heather@livelaughlovelifecoaching.com

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